130629 EXO Pop-up Store

Ta-dah! I wasn’t expecting to do anything fandom-related while I was in Seoul, but apparently not. I managed to squeeze myself into the pop-up store event that day, and I took a few (who am I kidding I took a lot, but only a few managed to look decent) photos (: I’m sharing some here!

ImageImageOH SEHUN MY BOYYY I’m glad to have gotten a decent picture of one of my favorite members, haha. Kris was too far back, and Tao had too many people around him at any given time.

I had my 16-35mm Nikkor with me, which is a wide-angle lens – so not for doing anything action-packed – so I had to push myself to the front to get shots WITHOUT staff and cellphones and other dSLRs with HUMONGOUS lens. I give myself a pat on the back because I waited for almost 6 hours for EXO, just for them to stay not even 15 minutes lol.



92line! 92line represent, hahaha. I will never get over how gwapo Jongdae is in person.


HNNNNGG ZITAO. Boy is fine. So, so fine. Like it actually pains me to look at him sometimes.

I kid. I can stare at Tao all day and I wouldn’t even bat an eyelash.


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