Seoul 2013

Hi you guys, so this is kind of my first real post here in WordPress! My mum, sister, and I went to Seoul last June, and I didn’t really get to take photos (decent ones, I mean). I guess these are some of the more acceptable ones? I think. There is definitely an infinite room for improvement here though haha πŸ˜€


Can you tell the white balance was so, so off in these? For some odd reason I didn’t check my settings before I started taking pictures. Turns out they were meant for indoor fluorescent light, so when I checked these out in the laptop they burned my eyes. I tried to fix it in Lightroom; I’ve yet to tell if I’m successful in my attempt lol.


These above photos are from Insadong! It’s the traditional arts and crafts street in Seoul, and where a lot of art galleries and tea places are. Not a lot of tourists here, so it’s just chill and you can walk around without having to feel rushed πŸ˜€ Nina’s Travel Tip #1: Eat at the small shops! The ones that serve one dish and variants of it, the ones that look like the unlikeliest places you’ll see tourists, because usually those are the ones that are good but cheap, hehe. Seoul is good for these kinds of places! Even the coffee shops are very unique – just turn down a side street you’ll find a variety of different restaurants and cafes. So skip Starbucks and Coffee Bean for the meantime!

The first time we went to Korea it was in December of 2011, and while it was just as pretty back then (snow!), this time around it was much easier to walk around and explore – mainly because we didn’t have to lug around coats and scarves, and we weren’t scrambling to get inside shops so we could warm ourselves haha.


A wall with tiles of artwork in the subway station leading to Insadong! Also I loved the fact that there were ajusshis who were standing around with sashes that said “Tourist Assistance” on them. I thought it was a very nice and very welcoming touch. It’s too bad that missed the opportunity to have a picture taken with them.

These next ones are from the Namsan Hanok Village! I thought this would be Bukcheon (or Bucheon??), but I got it wrong, haha. Close enough though! It’s right in the middle of Seoul, so it’s accessible by either subway or bus. Get ready for the tourists though – GET READY TO FIGHT FOR YOUR RIGHT TO TAKE PICTURES WITH THINGS LOL.Β Nina’s Travel Tip #2: Always use the subway! I learned this the hard way back when we first went to Seoul, lol we got lost going back to our hotel in Itaewon, and I can’t remember how we got back to the hotel. The bus system is nice, but it takes some getting used to, since the buses going to and from one stop aren’t the same, unlike here in the Philippines. In contrast, the subway system is easily navigable – all of the signs have English translations, and there are always a lot of friendly ajusshis who are ready to help you if ever you can’t get out because apparently you needed to pay additional fees (like if your stop is particularly far).




Hello Kitty Cafe!!!! Yes of course the multiple exclamation points were necessary. It’s just as pink and Hello Kitty-y as it promises to be, haha.

I’m very happy that my mum let me be in charge of the itinerary, because tours aren’t really my thing – you go to places you don’t necessarily like with people you don’t know, and most of the time the sites visited are underwhelming, because you have absolutely zero or little or no interest in them.

I’m looking forward to do more of these travel posts soon! And I hope you found my travel tips (lol) somewhat helpful πŸ™‚


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