130907 KPop Republic – SHINee

Pictures from the KPop Republic concert last September! To me KPop Republic was the marker for the beginning of my hell month (in grad school there is no “hell week” remember that kids), and true enough, I didn’t go anywhere near a computer with internet for almost a month after the concert. So here they are, over a month late, hehe.



I have to say, SHINee are very good performers. Especially Key! It’s too bad I couldn’t figure out what some of the other songs they performed were @___@ The only ones I knew for sure were the songs up until 2010-ish I think.



Haha Onew. I really was hoping they would perform Noona You’re So Pretty, because it’s one of my top SHINee songs. Like no other release of theirs has topped it.






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