[CLOSED] CALENDAR: Almighty Tao 2014 “ALL MY T :: growing 22♥”

Not accepting orders anymore! For those who pre-ordered (♥♥♥) I’ll update you on progress, thank you! 😀

UPDATE 10/31: Almighty just confirmed payment c:

Hi guys! So I asked Almighty Tao and they said it was cool for me to open a Philippine pre-order for their calendar! Originally I asked to buy by myself but hey EMS is cheaper when you order in bulk so PLEASE LET US ALL ORDER :>

– the price I’ll be posting will be the price that I’ve computed IF WE REACH AT LEAST 5 ORDERS. So let’s all hawak-kamay and pray that we reach 5.

– I will be very frank and say that I added a bit to the price because I am not a saint.

THE DEADLINE FOR PAYMENT IS ON OCTOBER 29 (TUESDAY). You can pay by deposit through BPI (:

I’LL ONLY BE TAKING 4 ORDERS, because the fifth is already me hahaha. Even though the fansite maximum for each group order is 20, I’M AFRAID OF RESPONSIBILITY chauce but seriously, I’ll only take 5 haha.

– If you’ve any more questions, comment here or tweet me @kailayaan tysm!

Calendar Details

– Calendar: Desk calendar – Vertical (150*230mm) / ±30p / ALL COLOR / Unposted pics included
– Gifts: Mouse pad, Block Electron Waves sticker, Mobile LCD cleaner, Photo cards (8ea)
– All overseas Gifts + Poster

Delivery (according to the fansite) will be from the end of November!

Previews can be found at their site!

IT WILL BE 1,100PHP guys! To order, email me at jaeina@gmail.com with: your name, Twitter u/n or email (whichever you prefer) so I can contact you, quantity (naks) and whether you opt for meet-up or delivery (but I really hope you choose meet-up lol)


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