1st grad school semester done–

Hopefully just a few more to go! I feel like there’s a need for me to review my first semester in grad school – for lessons learned, what improvements I can make to my study habits (ahehe), and what it’s been like so far.

If you don’t know yet (unless you’ve read my About, but who ever really reads that), I’m currently taking up Asian Studies as my master’s degree. I like to think providence brought me here, or fate, because I had intended to enroll in a different program just a year ago. I suppose I should’ve seen it coming, really.

All in all, I think my first semester went well. I’ve learned so much, and I’ve only taken core courses! It’s a great preview of what’s to come in the program, and I’m very much looking forward to taking my specialization courses (I’m a Northeast Asia – Korea major so YAY). It’s going to get harder, especially now that I’ve taken on a 12 unit load (I was enrolling last Monday, and the reaction I got from the assistant was not very encouraging lol), but that only means that I need to put in more effort, and study, study, study! I believe that when you study, as in really study, it’ll show, and your efforts won’t be put to waste πŸ™‚ It was what I kept in mind when I felt particularly hopeless while going over an exceptionally hard to understand reading, and felt like I was going nowhere because I couldn’t grasp what was being said.

I had a good start in the AC, and hopefully I can continue that until I graduate!

That being said, I’ve always been able to keep things in mind better when I write or type them down so here we go, resolutions for this upcoming semester (and for the following ones):

  1. Read more. I should make it a point to try and read recommended readings. Also, you can never read too much!
  2. Less time on the internet!
  3. Use free time wisely e___e
  4. Plan and write papers ahead of time. As a chronic procrastinator and crammer, this will be very hard.

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