[CLOSED] BelongToYou “PARALLEL WORLD” 1st Photobook + DVD

Hi everyone!

BelongToYou is releasing their first photobook and DVD, and details on the pre-order are in this post πŸ™‚

A4 Size/ 300p/ All color/ Approximately 90% unreleased photo from 2012.04.01 till now.
1 DVD: Runtime undecided
-Gift [There may be possible changes]
Towel (Pre-deposit ONLY) / Mini-card*13 / A2 size poster*13/ Postcard set (14 pieces)/ Drawstring pocket

Pre-deposit date :2014.02.15~2014.02.26
Deposit date :2014.02.26~2014.03.31
Estimated delivery time : 2014.05

– For previews, please visit their site.

It will be PHP2,650!

This price includes the photobook and DVD set, the EMS fees. This does not include the customs fees (if there will be any); I’ll let you know how much it will be once the item arrives πŸ™‚

To order, please send an email with BelongToYou as subject,Β your name, number of sets you are going to order, whether you’re opting for the predeposit gift, and Twitter u/n (if you need to be contacted) to jaeina@gmail.com. I hope you guys are willing to do meet-ups because I’m not comfortable with shipping c:

Payment deadlines are:

Pre-deposit: Feb. 25, Tuesday

Regular deposit: March 29, Saturday (or March 30, if you can find a mall with a BPI branch in it that’s open)

Payment will be made only through BPI.

If you have any inquiries, please comment on this entry, email me or tweet me at @mistletaos!


2 thoughts on “[CLOSED] BelongToYou “PARALLEL WORLD” 1st Photobook + DVD

    • Hi Yannie!

      Mmmm typically no, since I’d like to ensure that you get the items safe and sound! But if you’re going to order, I’ll do my best to get it to you. However, please understand that I’m not familiar with shipping in general, and it may entail additional costs (for local shipping).

      If you’d still like to join the group order please send me an email and we can discuss it further πŸ˜€

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