Looking back

My last post here was in 2014. Oh wow.

While 2015 wasn’t exactly my year (it really wasn’t), I have to admit it there were a few memories that stuck out: my first trip to Japan (Osaka! Universal Studios Japan! Kyoto!), and another trip to Korea hoho. I should scrounge around for my pictures from those trips, put something up in here to maybe spruce it up a bit.

And it was also the year I revived my love for books, of the non-academic kind. I have to give credit to Victoria Aveyard’s Red Queen for this, since this kicked off me Googling other books in the same genre, and it led to me buying more, and now I’ve been wondering when I actually did stop reading books just for fun, or the enjoyment of it.

Hopefully, this post will signify me turning over a new leaf (goodness knows I need to turn over a lot of leaves hah), and get my act together this year.


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