Seoul 2015

See, now looking back, I wonder why I didn’t take so much pictures, but I really know the reason why. I’ve been feeling kind of out of sorts, and it showed during this trip. However, it really was fun, and the friends I was with were great. I just kind of feel that I should’ve taken more pictures, not have been so lazy while I was there lol.


(Look at this unfocused shot, I am so mad at myself right now haha) this is from the topmost floor in Jaejoong’s cafe at Myeongdong! I always make it a point to come here whenever I’m in Seoul, just for the heck of it, and when I was here last year it was my first time at the top floor. The weather while we were there was quite cool already, reaching single digit temperatures at night, but during the day it was still a bit hot.

Our second day was at Nami Island, my first time there! I was surprised it could actually take a whole day to go around the area.


Lunch was at the dak galbi restaurant! SO. GOOD. When in Korea there is no shortage of cheap but good food, and as my friends have attested, it’s hard to find restaurants here in Manila that are just as good (but there are some that come close!)

Not long after lunch we bought these red bean buns that were being sold along the road.


Did you know that most of my expenses in any trip are on food? True facts. In this trip alone I spent over 200,000W on food alone. Unbelievable. This is the downside of logging your purchases and expenses lol.aDSC_0199


Mmmm yes. If you’re familiar with Hallyu, you’ll know that Nami Island is famous for being the setting for some of Winter Sonata’s iconic scenes. As such, there are many couples here. So much so that my friends and I were all grumbling to each other about the hearts in the air and why are there so many lovey dovey couples in Seoul?? Is there something in the water, what are we missing out on??


Banpo River Bridge Fountain is also another first for me. Tip: don’t follow the instructions on the Seoul Tourism website. Banpo is huge, and the subway stop listed on the website is quite a walk away from where the actual fountain show takes place. We learned this the hard way, but this was at night anyway, and it was already quite cold. The Han River parks are also popular workout spots, so we had a lot of company while we were walking.


This is from the Bongeunsa Temple in Gangnam. This is just within walking distance of CO:EX, so try and squeeze in this temple if you’re going to any exhibits at CO:EX.

We also dropped by the ARTIUM shop of SM, located at CO:EX. It is ridiculous, how much SM expands its commercial ventures every year. In our first time in Seoul, it was an everysing at the top of SPAO, and after that, it was the Pop-up Store in Lotte Young Plaza. I remember camping out there the entire day waiting for EXO, and when they finally did arrive they didn’t stay for more than 15 minutes. I will never forget that. It goes to the top of my list of “Things Nina Did For Fandom”, aside from that time my friend and I slept outside on the pavement to queue for tickets for Infinite’s That Summer 2.


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