Books and the new year

But first:
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Yes good, haha. Now that is out of the way, for anyone with whom I’ve spent considerable time with, you’ll know that I just got out of a really long book drought (I’m taking inspiration from A Cinderella Movie) and have been on a renewed reading spree πŸ˜€ There are over a dozen physical books (and a lot of ebooks) in my to-read queue. This is a problem I am happy to tackle, and I am going to do that by resolving to read through each of these before my January book orders from Wordery come in.


I am fairly confident I can do this since for starters, book mail arrives at my door at a ridiculously slow pace. For anyone in the Philippines who has ordered online, you’ll know. It isn’t so much the postal service that’s the cause of the hold up, because pre-ordered items (like my TruthwitchΒ order! Yay!) actually do arrive quite early. It was dispatched Jan. 7, and it arrived Jan. 20. Eh, not bad. Or maybe I’ve just actually primed myself not to expect orders to arrive in less than a month, hah. Two, I am a homebody. Half the time I’d actually prefer to be indoors and lounge around in housewear because when I do go out, I need to prepare myself. Mentally and physically.

Lastly because there really isn’t anything else I’d rather do in my free time than read books, haha. This is part 1 of me getting my act together, in a long series of trying to haul myself out from a funk I suddenly found myself in in the last year.

(This part 1 actually started with me setting up a bookish Instagram:Β separate from my personal one, so maybe I’ll see you there too? Haha)


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