March Wrap-Up

March has come and passed, and with that, another month of reading! Writing wrap-ups, I suppose, has never occurred to me before because I thought it’d be just fine to let one month bleed into another seamlessly. But apparently this isn’t to be the case, since I find myself reviewing after every month what I’ve read (or not read), and what things I could be posting for the following month. So here is my first wrap up, so I can better keep track of what I’ve done so far, and what I plan on doing!


(You know what, writing this wrap-up maybe wasn’t a good idea, because it seems like I’ve read a bunch of stuff and haven’t gotten around to writing my thoughts on it, and now I feel like I’ve let myself down, because what are you doing Nina, what are you doing?!)
Tried my hand at writing in script again, hah.
Anyway, I did manage to write a couple reviews for March, and my favourite reads this past month were The Forbidden Wish and The Wall of Winnipeg and Me. Jessica Khoury was a new read for me, and from this book I like how she writes! I’ll be reading more from her in the future. Mariana Zapata, on the other hand, is one of my favourite authors, so The Wall of Winnipeg is par for the course for me reading any of her works! I have also yet to post my review for True Born by L.E. Sterling, the first in a trilogy of books featuring a plague, a set of twins that may or may not hold the key to the plague (what that key unlocks – whether it’s a cure, or how the plague spreads or infects – I’m not yet sure), and a dystopian world.

Also, looking back, I only managed to read 2 of my TBR at the beginning of the month! For shame, what use is this list if I don’t stick to it. Will do my best to stick to the upcoming one!


Aside from reviews, I’m also doing a monthly post on a classic book I read. For March, it was Kokoro by Natsume Soseki! For April it’ll be Persuasion by Jane Austen. This will be the first Jane Austen book I’ll be reading (please put down the pitchforks), because I think this is the first Austen book that has appealed to me.


Finally, I’m also adding a new Features corner, which will have me reading a book from a new genre from April onwards. This is me trying to expand my horizons! Go me! We also watched Les Miserables the first of April, so I’ll also maybe be making a post on that!
It’s also officially summer here, but so far I’ve got nothing grand planned aside from staying in and making a significant dent on my to-read pile! Hopefully everyone else has something more eventful happening! ❤

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