April Wrap-Up

April was a pretty busy month, and my posting schedule was mucked up by our landline and wifi conking out, so now I’m in a milk tea shop, mooching off of their wifi… Anyway, here is my month in reading in 500 words and less!


3 out of 5 for this month’s TBR isn’t bad! I always forget to factor in shipping time in making my TBR lists – most of the time the books I order come after 3-4 weeks, even if I’ve pre-ordered them.
My favourites for this month were The Heart of Betrayal and The Invasion of the Tearling – two great sequels, I think. The first books of these series weren’t my favourite, but the characters in each of them grew and matured, especially the heroines. I like that they’ve become jaded and basically upended everyone’s expectations of them. Also, I finished reading the His Fair Assassin trilogy! It feels satisfying to have finished reading a series, like a small victory of sorts. Has anyone else read this?


This month’s classic was Anne Bronte’s The Tenant of Wildfell Hall, which is now a favourite, thanks to Helen and her beta hero, Gilbert Markham. Yes to all the older women romances! (This isn’t quite older woman, since she’s only around 2? 4? years older, but still, yes to all of them!) And my first post for the new feature I’ll be doing, Uncharted Genres, was poetry by way of Tennyson! After this I’m open to reading more poetry, especially if I can get them in physical book form.
The cover reveal for Elise Kova’s Crystal Crowned, the fifth and final book in the Air Awakens series, was also this April. Kind of my personal favorite as well – I should splurge on a print….. And the 4th book, Water’s Wrath released earlier this week!
Here, have another, because why waste a perfectly good picture when you have an excuse to dump them all?



True Born by L.E. Sterling releases May 3rd! Give this a spin if you like dystopian but would like a different spin on the genre. I’m also planning on reading the Six of Crows by Leigh Bardugo this May – I have to say I’m excited because one of the characters is named Nina, HAHA.
I hope everyone has had a productive (eh), if not great, April! Here’s to another month in 2016!

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