Book Swag: An Appreciation Post + mini-update

This post is dedicated to all the wonderful authors who give swag to readers, even if we’re perfectly happy with the books we receive! It’s like really great icing on a cake 😃  This is also my small way of showing my appreciation for the stuff I’ve received over the past few months 🙂

It’s not that I pre-order stuff just because I know that I can avail of swag, but it makes me extra happy that my pre-order has unexpected benefits – like in the case of these Burning Glass and The Forbidden Wish stuff.


The Burning Glass pre-order swag has the character cards of the 3 leads – Valko, Sonia, and Anton, a bookmark (that looks absolutely gorgeous IRL, mostly because I love how the jewel looks against the black background), a link to download a song, and a fortunetelling fish on a square piece of plastic (y’all I really need to get around to reading this, I’ll be able to appreciate this more once I do).

The Forbidden Wish one was mailed in a regular letter envelope – it was in a portrait-oriented envelope, due to the map included. This has the aforementioned map, a book plate, and a bookmark.


MAPS! I love maps. I’m currently in the process of decorating my room, and I’m looking for a really old-world map to hang above my bed.


The following are from Elise Kova, whose street team I am a part of (Water’s Wrath came out last April 26! Can buy from Amazon, Book Depository, Wordery)!


There was also this thing on Instagram (or was it across social media) wherein they messaged you a link to download a playlist made for The Love that Split the World by Emily Henry, which I found really cool. Most of the time I do read while listening to music, so having a playlist made specifically for a book? Very cool.

So thank you to authors who give swag! And even if you don’t, thanks for the books!

Reading Update

Also I’m currently in the process of preparing my heart for whatever the ending of Six of Crows will be – I need someone to hold my feckin hand lol I’ve less than a hundred pages to go and it looks like there’s still a lot waiting to happen and I need to steel myself. Deep breaths, Nina, deep breaths.

In an effort to stall, I’ve started reading Heir of Fire and Rowan’s already in the picture. Please tell me he’ll be more charming because I want to get on the Rowan wagon soon. I feel like the friend who has yet to meet the boyfriend that everyone else has met and they love him but you’re just not that sure yet (you guys know the feel?). 


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