Classic of the Month ft. Northanger Abbey


I’m on an Austen roll you guys!! This is my second (what a roll, amirite) book from her and I liked it! Probably not as much as Persuasion, but still very enjoyable, which is largely thanks to Catherine, who goes off to visit the titular Northanger Abbey while she’s in Bath.


I loved Catherine! She’s relatable, what with being a teen and wanting to immerse herself in more fashionable pursuits, and she’s also funny, always comparing what’s happening around her in real life to her favorite book. She learns the hard way though, not to always do so.

Also I’m still surprised that Jane Austen is pretty funny, or at least her heroines are, and they say and think the darndest things.

Here Catherine secretly acknowledged the power of love, for, though exceedingly fond of her brother, and partial to all his endowments, she had never in her life thought him handsome.

I remember thinking while I was reading this that it must’ve been such a hard time to be a girl, what with the numerous social customs and potential landmines you have to navigate. As if being a teenager isn’t hard enough, on top of that you have to find a suitable match while socializing? I already feel tired thinking about it.

Catherine is basically left to her own devices while she’s in Bath, since her guardians are of minimal help. Mrs. Allen can’t make up her mind, and Mr. Allen isn’t present when it matters. Really, I don’t envy Catherine.


I found the ending pretty abrupt, but I’m satisfied. This won’t top Persuasion for me, but it’s still a fun, light read if you want to ease into reading Jane Austen (don’t start with this though).

I took longer than usual finishing this since I’m having a bit of difficulty finding time to read at work. Instead of doing reading sprints these last couple of days I find myself napping, so I’ve been really slow with my books this last week! I’m hoping to get on track though, since Empire of Storms is coming up and I really want to read Queen of Shadows before then!!

Also I really like this batch of photos I took, haha. It was an overcast morning and I wanted to finish this quickly since it rained basically everyday when I took these.

What have you guys been reading? 😀

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