So Far, So…. Good! #1

It’s quite a challenge to keep up a regular reading schedule when half of you just wants to sleep whenever you have a chance to, and it’s that half that kind of wins most of the time. It’s like you want to find out if Rowan finally gets his head out of his ass regarding AelinΒ but then again oh god I want to sleeeeep.

It’s like I want to read and then I’ll want to keep reading and reading but then I remember – I need my sleep. So I don’t read as much as I want to, but I do get some reading done!! Just not enough to keep up with my former posting schedule. So in lieu of my review posts, at least while I haven’t finished the books yet, I’ll be starting So Far, So…… in which I share my thoughts on the books I’m reading so far! This also has the added perk of allowing me to vent, without the Goodreads character count.

I’m reading three books right now: Queen of Shadows by Sarah J. Maas, Poison Study by Maria V. Snyder, and Confess by Colleen Hoover.

queen of shadows Where I am: Around the 360-page mark.
So how do you feel about that? I would prefer to read Queen of Shadows in one long, indulgent reading session but even my weekends are relatively busy, so I can’t sit down for long. Though omg I’m already around the second part, Queen of Light I think, and Rowan!! ROWAN!! ROWAN PLS!! Aelin deserves good things every now and then HOW DARE YOU. He is still pretty darn swoony though, and I have full faith in him. I got Empire of Storms last week and the thinness of the book surprised me. I was like, is this right?? Is this the fifth book?? I thought this was going to be close to 700 pages?? (It was.)

My favorite thing about QoS so far though is Aedion and Lysandra. Like not together, but just them as characters and how they’ve added to Aelin’s circle. The one thing I absolutely detest though,Β bar none, is Chaol and his constant judgment of Aelin, the Fae, and magic in general. I hate it. I don’t like how he jumps to conclusions when he doesn’t even understand anything – magic, Fae, what Aelin went through while in the North and constantly belittling it in comparison to what he had to endure while stuck in Adarlan. At least try to learn more about magic?? I get that he feels guilty about Dorian but to heap it on Aelin and then Rowan when he gets to Adarlan is not a good look on him.

Where I am: the 80% mark.
poison studySo how do you feel about that? AAAAHHH I’m so glad I gave Poison Study another chance! I had a long wait earlier today and decided to start it but I ended up almost finishing it today. It’s quite engrossing. I also like how Maria V. Snyder writes her characters, I feel like their personalities shine through?

I also love the world they’re moving in and I want to know more about what’s outside the Commander’s castle. The only is that I just know this book will end on a cliffhanger. I CAN FEEL IT IN MY SERIES-LOVING BONES.

Do I regret starting this when I don’t have the next book yet? Maybe, kind of. I’m just starting to warm up to Valek and Yelena too! Ari and Janco (did I get them right? Hmmmm) are my favorites here too, one of the few people on Yelena’s side early on.

confessWhere I am: NOT EVEN PAST 50 PAGES.
So how do you feel about that? I can already feel this is going to be a pretty heavy book. I don’t do well with books like this, it takes me forever to finish stuff like this. I should’ve started with It Ends With Us maybe?? Or I don’t know, what would you guys have started with if you were to read Colleen Hoover for the first time?

Ugh I do plan on finishing this though, because I remember what I did to get my hands on this so dang it, I will finish this!!


Overall I’d say a pretty good week of reading! Slowly but steadily does it for my reading life nowadays. How about you guys? How has your week in reading been?

21 thoughts on “So Far, So…. Good! #1

  1. Although Confess is heavy, It Ends With Us is way heavier. So between the two of them, I think you picked the suitable one. Both of them are equally tremendous, by the way.
    P.S. For light books, Colleen Hoover is so not your person πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
    Best of luck πŸ™‚ & I’ll be looking forward to your review of Confess !!

  2. Confess is heavy but it is definitely worth it trust me! All of Colleen’s work is a little heavy in places; my favourites are Confess or Ugly Love so definitely think you have chose a good one. I haven’t read It Ends with Us yet but I have heard a-lot of people comment on how much it made them cry so I’m sort of putting it off myself too…

  3. Queen of Shadows!!!! I also love Aedion and Lysandra. How do you feel about Manon though? In my opinion, she’s also amazing. I was freaking out about the EoS thin pages but I’ve gotten use to them. Hope you enjoy the rest of Queen of Shadows!

  4. I started off the Never Never series, which I really liked because it has mystery in it. It ends with us was my second CoHo read and it took me by surprise! I wasn’t expecting such an emotional read.

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